“Indrets Invisibles” (“Invisible Places”). Results presentation

“Indrets Invisibles” (“Invisible Places”) is a project that enjoys the collaboration of Obra Social ”la Caixa”, within the framework of the “Art for Change 2016” public calls, and as part of the Es Baluard plan of action devoted to providing incentives for things social and integration into the community.

“Indrets Invisibles” (“Invisible Places”) is a project carried out in Palma by a group of women during the months of February and March of 2017, produced by Es Baluard, in continuance of the programmatic line of collectives that require special attention. Its most immediate precedent was Mujeres Valientes presents “¡Entérense!” (‘Get wise!’), also with the collaboration of  Obra Social ”la Caixa”.In this new project, the contents were commissioned to Sa Galania, with the aim of reflecting on the public space in the city they inhabit and how they interact, through contemporary artistic practices.
Sa Galania (Mar Barceló and Rosa García) is a collective dedicated to constructing experiences linked to artistic and cultural practices. They have a long career behind them of working on the basis of long-term collaborative processes which generate new, meaningful relationships for the participants.

The project also enjoyed the special participation of María Ruido who, given her experience, contributed methodological and conceptual strategies on how to approach the task of documentation.
The public presentation of the results also includes the process carried out by the group over these months, and can be visited in the museum’s Observatori from 12th April to 11th June of 2017. The exhibition raises questions with spectators and invites them to review their own view of others.

12th April 2017 → 11th June 2017