Presentation of training programmes for artists by Es Baluard. Tabacalera, Madrid

Since 2013, Es Baluard has been developing a non-official training programme for artists under the name “Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard”. Designing and setting it in motion is in the interests of the museum, as it is a living platform of study and debate on models of training at different levels, implementing mechanisms halfway between academic education and real professional activity. The venue for socialisation and confrontation of artistic practices –the museum institution – is a suitable medium, where it is still possible to experiment on processes with knowledge and recognition, and the experience becomes an appropriate platform. This model is geared towards active creators or those in the process of becoming professionals, regardless of age, who feel it is necessary for them to enter a training and coaching programme. Les Clíniques, which was conceived as a highly organic method, is based on an initial plan that is structured in advance every time the programme is implemented and developed continuously over a maximum duration of eight months. The legitimation of artistic education, curricular problems, the establishing of a coherent body of work, research and production in the face of the institutionalisation of art in an increasingly competitive sector are some of the basic issues that guide contents and methodologies. Even so, the main objective is to foster the professionalisation of the sector, facilitating the tools for analysis, knowledge, resources and monitoring of the creative practice and thought from the museum.

“Laboratori B” is the name of the project Es Baluard is launching following the thread of its training actions for creators. This new proposal is designed and led by the curator Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta and is based on the training programme “Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard”, opening it up to other participants from the sphere of contemporary thought and creation. “Laboratori B” consisted of a series of sessions on analysis of work and theoretical examination of the research paths of each creator, giving rise to an experimental publication. The programme, which began in September 2016, has had participants interested in reflecting and working on contemporary artistic production, and on its contextualisation and conceptual development. As a result, a publication entitled B is launched.

Participating artists: Neus Marroig, Jordi Pallarès, Damià Matas, Marta Pujades, Evarist Torres, Maria Antònia Mir, Laia Ventayol, Carlos Lozano, Pep Canyelles, Aina Perelló, Daniel Gasol, Luz Massot, Ubay Murillo, Juan Pablo Ordúñez MawatreS, Olga Martí, Miriam M. Guirao, Jorge Gil, Beatriz Castela, Jorge Isla, Damià Vives.

Programme for the presentation in Tabacalera


Part one

  • 5:00 pm. Viewing of three videographic programmes by Natasha Hall, Natxa Pomar and Marta Pujades, artists linked to the first “Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard” programme (2013/2014), whose projects in progress had the chance of being tested in Es Baluard at the end of the course.
  • 6:00 pm. General introduction by Nekane Aramburu (director of Es Baluard) and Guillermo González (Head of the Exhibitions Area. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, Sub-direction General of Promotion of the Fine Arts).
  • Comments on the works presented by Javier Duero (Head of Studies of “Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard”).

Part two

  • 6:30 pm. Presentation of the publication of “Laboratori B”, by Irene Amengual (Es Baluard) and Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta (curator) and some of the artists taking part in “Laboratori B”. Connection with Pep Ramon Cerdà (Institut de la Llengua i la Cultura de les Illes Balears – ILLENC).

Part three

  • 7:15 pm. Preview of the third “Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard” 2017-2018 by Nekane Aramburu and Javier Duero.
20th February 2017 → 20th February 2017

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