As a parallel activity to the exhibition "Reproductibilitat 1.1", Es Baluard launches a joint project with the neighbors of Puig de Sant Pere. We propose you to explore and represent your neighborhood with the photographer Jaume Gual, taking former and current images.  

The starting point of the project is review of the neighborhood’s past observing photos from the archive footage. The old photographs will be the basis to talk about how the Puig de Sant Pere’s been represented, what we know about what is seen in the images and how we relate to them. We want to work transversally and therefore look to other people or places providing more information on that Puig de Sant Pere portrayed in photographs.  

Also, along the Jaume Gual project will introduce us to the world of comparative photography, seeing how the camera has been used as a tool for documentation and record of changes and transformations of the immediate environment. One session will be devoted to how to shoot those locations or scenes we've seen depicted in those images. Thus, we’ll have the before and after of the neighborhood.  

In addition to the comparative image , we’ll also take very different type of photographs. We understand that the district is overwhelming , impossible to capture in its entirety. We try to take pictures showing other realities of the neighborhood. To do this , we’ll obtain a help from contemporary artists while visiting the photo exhibition "Reproductibilitat 1.1". Both the results and the work process will be exhibited.  

This project is aimed at residents of the Puig de Sant Pere or people with a close relationship with the neighborhood, either because they live, work or usually develop some activity in there.
  • 5 sessions, 2 hours each, on February or March*.
  • Limited seating.
  • Free activity.
  • For more information, please contact 971908201 /
  • *The timetable will be resolved depending on the group’s availability.

Regarding this workshop, throughout February and March visitors can enjoy a camera obscura built inside one of the watchtowers of the bastion of Sant Pere (more information).

The results of this workshops can be seen from April 26 to May 8 at Centre Cultural Puig de Sant Pere (more information)