Since 2013, Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma has been developing an informal training programme for artists under the name of “Les Clíniques d'Es Baluard”.
The fact that the implementation of this programme was ever devised is the result of the museum’s interest in setting itself up as a living platform for study and debate on training models on diverse levels, implementing mechanisms halfway between academic teaching and actual professional activity. The venue for socialisation and confrontation of artistic practices –the museum institution– as an appropriate medium where it is still possible to experiment in the process between knowledge, recognition and experience, becomes a suitable agency. This model is geared towards creators who are active, and those on the path to becoming professionalised, regardless of age, who feel the need to embark upon a training and coaching programme.
The formula for access for the annual calls is a dossier, applying a selection criteria designed to articulate a kind of symmetry between the group and the work axes proposed in each stage. As a result we have come to enjoy the participation of artists from different backgrounds and nationalities who are interested in these processes. Les Clíniques, conceived as a highly organic method, are based on an initial plan that was structured in advance, with each call, and developed continuously over a maximum duration of eight months. The legitimation of artistic teaching, curricular problems, the formation of a coherent body of work, research and production in the face of the institutionalisation of art in an increasingly competitive sector are some of the basic questions that guide contents and methodologies.
And yet, the main objective is to foster the professionalisation of the sector, enabling the tools for analysis, knowledge, resources and monitoring of creative practice and thought through the museum.
The first editions of the programme were created on the basis of an initial group meeting, in person, ending with another, intensive one with similar characteristics in the museum itself. These sessions focus on the interchange of knowledge between the artists and the coach-tutors, the joint analysis of projects and the evaluation of creative processes. Practical cases, such as the presentation of projects (both physically and conceptually), developing research processes and a body of work, rhetoric and oral and written expression, management, an introduction to support programmes for artists, legal and financial management tools, formulae for dissemination and communication of the work, exchanges and networking are some of the subjects dealt with.
Over the eight months for which the course lasts, the artists take part in two individualised tutorial sessions with each of the experts, which may be focussed on the analysis of their project, the provision of resources to carry out creative processes, or the mastering of strategies for the circulation of their work within the art system. The individual sessions can be held at Es Baluard, in the cities where the experts live or by video-conference. Moreover, the programme is monitored by the course leaders, who supervise the proper attainment of it.
Throughout the development of Les Clíniques, we also foster continuous training through courses, laboratories, conferences and seminars aimed at providing professional training. We see the project as a quality service provided by the public sector, constructed alongside solid professionals from the state sphere and in collaboration with other entities. In addition, this year Les Clíniques will include collaboration exchanges with international centres, so that one or two people chosen by the staff and the director of the space in question can spend a spell of time in places such as Miami Beach, and vice-versa.

LES CLÍNIQUES 3rd YEAR 2017-2018
  • Director, Nekane Aramburu
  • Head of Studies, Javier Duero
  • Coordinator, Irene Amengual
  • Ana Laura Aláez, artist and educator
  • David Barro, editor and curator
  • Martí Manen, curator and art critic
With the special participation of: Manuela Moscoso and Natalia Zuluaga


Face-to-face sessions. Analysis of work, professionalisation.
Individualised tutorials. 2 tutorials per coach, 1 a month, from October to March.
Face-to-face sessions. Sessions to evaluate projects and processes.

New features in the third year of Les Clíniques
The different novelties the programme is setting in motion this year include the residency agreement for artists in the ArtCenter/South Florida, consisting of a tuition fee scholarship and a one-week stay in Palma, breaking into the surrounding artistic scene. We will also announce other new features and agreements for participants in this new academic year.

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