This program is designed for educational centres, and the objective behind it is to work in an attractive, participative and critical fashion and reflect on the world around us using contemporary art (museum collection and temporary exhibitions) as a basis.

We always listen and bear in mind the different views of pupils, and teachers as bearers of content; we work on the basis of visual culture, using contents from the field of artistic education, but we are committed to an inter-disciplinary approach and work on transversal contents.
The range of options is broad, adapted to each level or cycle and within the framework of the curriculum concerned in each case. We are committed to integration and inclusion, and therefore place particular emphasis on designing programmes in which pupils with special educational needs can take part.
We use the museum and its collection as the basis for our work, and also the temporary exhibitions; a specific programme addressing the different educational levels is offered for each temporary exhibition. 
These activities are free and form part of the “Palma Educa” programme run by Palma City Council.
How to make a reservation

  • Calling Es Baluard 971 908 201 (Education Department, Eva Cifre)
Conditions for paying a visit to the Museum

With the aim of offering a high-quality service, and in order to achieve the objectives established, a commitment to the fulfilment of the following conditions is required on the part of the educational centre:
  • The reservation must be made at least 15 days before the trip is to take place
  • At least one member of teaching staff per participant level must attend the teachers’ session
  • Delivery of the informative form, which must have been filled out, prior to the trip
  • The material loaned must be preserved and taken care of, and returned punctually
  • Punctuality regarding the day and time of the trip
  • The teaching staff will be responsible for the behaviour of the group
  • Compliance with the number of pupils per group stipulated by the Museum