19.06.2013 - 28.04.2017
30.10.2014 - 01.07.2017
To unite and demonstrate good practice and ethics with a transparent basis and as internal and informative guide to the outside, we have developed a primer summarizing the tracks that mark the Es Baluard's behavior and ways of making . We also believe that it is important to make this known as part of the new strategic plan to increase their confidence in us by society, professionals from the worlds of culture, our partner programs, sponsors and benefactors. This was written by its director Nekane Aramburu in counseling and consultation with various sources during the summer of 2014 and approved by the Executive Committee of the Foundation Es Baluard on October 8, 2014. This month has been shared publicly on the web museum in the section on "Transparency". This code is complemented by a Code of Conduct and Good Practice of Es Baluard Foundation.

Download the Deontology Code (Spanish)
18.11.2014 - 05.05.2017
Es Baluard keeps open a permanent call to create an expert partners bank to develop a temporarily employment relationship or short/medium term programmes.
The requested categories are:
  • Graphic Designers
  • Webmaster
  • Managers for Public Programmes and Activities
  • Community Manager
  • Guides
  • Audiovisual Editor
  • Photographers
  • Experts in formation of modern and contemporary art and electronic art
Selection will be based on documentation received directly by Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporari de Palma, as well as personal interviews to be conducted.

The following merits will be considered to access to the bank:
  1. Professional Experience
  2. Specialized training
  3. Knowledge of languages or own skills of this area, like command of technologies and programmes
Candidates should send their full CV to the following email address: administracio01@esbaluard.org
02.12.2014 - 01.03.2018
Es Baluard is a modern and contemporary art museum, and we would like to insist on the fact that we are a public service which should be open to citizens.

Which is why we need your participation, trust and commitment to a culture that belongs to all of us. One of the projects that is being set in motion in this regard is the Es Baluard Volunteer Programme.
If you are interested in culture, would like to be informed and are keen on forming part of the project, go ahead and come to see us to find out what we are proposing.


Es Baluard is a museum of modern and contemporary art that conserves and displays the artistic heritage of the Balearic Islands and is dedicated to contemporary creation as a centre for the community and multifaceted international cultural infrastructure. 

With its vocation for public service, the Es Baluard centre needs and believes in the participation of citizens, of people with diverse cultural interests who feel the need to take action and come and form part of this project because they feel it belongs to them too. Which is why, on the 10th anniversary of its inauguration, Es Baluard is setting up this new volunteer programme. 

Volunteer work is performed by committed individuals who selflessly offer up their time and effort without expecting anything in exchange other than being able to feel proud of their contribution to others, and to society.

For more information, queries or suggestions, contact the coordinators of the Es Baluard Volunteer Programme (Aina Crespí, Sebastià Mascaró or Guillermina Aguiló) by telephone or e-mail: 


Tel.: 971908200  

Download full description of the Es Baluard Volunteer Programme (document in Spanish)
20.03.2015 - 27.04.2017
Es Baluard has implemented since 2013 dufferent formats of horizontal working with actors and groups from the local, national and international network. The first meeting took place then, when the bases of this model open to producers, programmers and activists were established.

These are the three formulas:  

a) Associated collectives: A symbiotic and construction half-term relationship depending on each project.
b) Contributor collectives: Regular relationships where mutual complicity considerations are reflected in an agreement.
c) External activities: Sporadic links regulated by supply and market demand.  

The associated collectives are private or public nonprofit organisations with a regular schedule of activities or actions aimed at developing the creation. They're organisations connected with the contemporary society, willing to take part in a symbiotic and construction half-term relationship with Es Baluard.
10.06.2016 - 01.01.2018
Es Baluard calls for the tender of the cleaning service of the museum. Documentation can be requested in:

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma
Plaça Porta Sta. Catalina, 10. 07012 Palma
Administration Area. T 971 908 200

The deadline is 4th July 2016.

This service has been awarded to "Top Clean Baleares SL”.
25.10.2016 - 01.03.2018
Es Baluard calls for the tender of the services of security and hall assistant of the museum. It's addressed to specialised companies. Documentation can be requested in:

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma
Plaça Porta Sta. Catalina, 10. 07012 Palma
Administration Area. T 971 908 200

The deadline is 14th November 2016.

This service has been awarded to Transportes Blindados S.A and ATESE, Atención y Servicios S.L.
10.01.2017 - 05.07.2017
La persona seleccionada para la plaza de Auxiliar Programas Públicos, Actividades, Educación es Pilar Rubí, de entre la siguiente lista de finalistas (orden alfabético):  

  • Ana Ferrero Horrach
  • Catalina Ginard Esteva
  • Elena Blesa Cábez
  • Irene Otero Pérez
  • Lorena Gutiérrez Matas
  • Magda Albis Busquets
  • Marc Farré Secall
  • Maria Magdalena Rubí Sastre
  • Maria Verdejo Alsina
  • Pilar Rubí Risco
  • Teresa Maria Sastre Bestard

Superada la prueba escrita el 10 de enero de 2017, optaron a la entrevista personal:

  • Catalina Ginard Esteva
  • Elena Blesa Cábez 
  • Pilar Rubí Risco
17.01.2017 - 09.12.2017
La persona seleccionada para la plaza de Mediador de Públicos ha sido Guillermina Aguiló Soler, de entre las siguientes finalistas (orden alfabético):  
  • Guillermina Aguiló Soler
  • Laia Anguix
  • Clara Maria Bibiloni Covas
  • Marta Fernández Siria
  • Alexandra Fiol Bauzà
  • Mireia Guitart Utgé

De las cuales, habían optado a la entrevista personal:

  • Guillermina Aguiló Soler
  • Laia Anguix
  • Marta Fernández Siria
15.03.2017 - 01.07.2017
Los y las finalistas para la plaza de auxiliar de proyectos artísticos y expositivos:

  • Montserrat Torras Planas
  • Maria Laura Cantallops
  • Carles Angel Saurí
  • Laura Polo Fernando
  • Irene Llàcer i Sancho

Superada la prueba escrita práctica vinculada al ejercicio del trabajo a desempeñar, optan a la entrevista personal.
  • Montserrat Torras Planas
  • Laura Polo Fernando
  • Irene Llàcer i Sancho