As a result of the deposit and donation of works from the Serra Collection, Es Baluard possesses an outstanding set of works by Joan Miró (Barcelona, 1893-Palma de Mallorca, 1983), the artist this area is dedicated to. The selection of works revolves around two important aspects in Joan Miró’s career, both of them related to literature: his admiration for the work of Alfred Jarry (Laval, 1873-Paris, 1907) and more specifically, the character of Ubú, and the high regard Miró had for Mallorca, his relationship with intellectuals and friends and his struggle for the defence of the island’s culture as a whole.

First, the exhibition route deals with the great attraction Joan Miró felt for the French playwright and plastic artist mentioned above and his character, Ubu, as a representation of the anti-hero, expressed through the publication of bibliophile books, work on paper and the creation of the characters in the theatre piece Mori el Merma. This play premiered in Palma de Mallorca in 1978, and was the fruit of his collaboration with the Teatre de la Claca group.

The works at the end of the route are a testimony of his regard for the island of Mallorca, a bond that resulted from his family ties and was reinforced in 1956 when Miró chose the island as his definitive place of residence. Mallorcan society’s recognition of the artist and Miró’s great esteem for the island are reflected mainly in a selection of his creations linked to publications and engravings from the 1970s.