• Narcisa Hirsch, Es Baluard, Mallorca, Majorca, video art, art, cinema, Balearics, Baleares
Narcisa Hirsch, Es Baluard, Mallorca, Majorca, video art, art, cinema, Balearics, Baleares

Narcisa Hirsch, East-West (An approach to her work 1967-1999)

Narcisa Hirsch's experimental films involved a continuous and sustained step forward in the research of the possibilities of the moving image from the point of view of the south of the American continent. A German-born artist (Berlin, 1928), with a background in painting, she has produced her work mainly in Argentina, but articulating through her production a relationship of tilting times between East and West, physical and mystic shift, the exploration of the inside and the outside of beings and their contexts.    

Nowadays, we can highlight her influence as a pioneer from the 1960's and 1970's, since, aside from experimental film projects, she developed installations, object pieces, performances, graffiti and street interventions at a very dense social and political moment in the country where she has spent most of her life: Argentina.   

Also involved in the work of avant-garde collectives, she took intense part in the art scene surrounding the experimentalism of the Instituto di Tella during the 1960's.

Her immersion in political film and the second wave of the feminist movement, which she is a representative of, present a unique vital and creative focus in this artist, still active at the age of 87. Her major film production takes place during the last decade of the Argentinian military dictatorship, later expanding into video-installations and publishing.  

Es Baluard presents, for the first time in Spain, an exhibition of Narcisa Hirsch's work, articulated on the basis of three significant works in the emblematic space of the Aljub, and linking it to the Reproductibilitat project, focused on the research and diffusion of the art history of the moving image, under the curatorial auspices of Nekane Aramburu. 

  • An introduction to the work of Narcisa Hirsch will be given by Nekane Aramburu, curator of the exhibition, on 11th March at 12.00 pm. Free activity with limited seating.
  • This exhibition can't be visited on 18th, 19th and 20th March.

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11th March 2016 → 3rd April 2016
Curator: Nekane Aramburu

With the collaboration of:


Narcisa Hirsch