The “Reproductibilitat” series is a project in progress that has been advancing since 2013 via a series of exhibitions that analyse the evolution of the moving image, presenting collective or monographic displays that go from historical photography to the most recent technologies in contemporary artistic practices.
Based on the proposal by Marina Nuñez, and in the wake of March 2016 with Narcisa Hirsch, we turn our gaze to the limits of experimental cinema with the arts, the visual tricks linked to early cinema projections and the intervention in the sampling of video-games that generate new, auratic universes integrated into the skin of spaces.
A project designed for the Aljub, the old 17th-century underground water cistern in the Es Baluard cultural complex, in which the creator immerses us in a suggestive atmosphere in complicity with the history of the place and the energies of past lives.

Parallel activities
  • 8th March 6 pm to 9 pm. Master class by Marina Nuñez. By enrolment: Price 10 Euros (10% off for members of Amics d’Es Baluard and official tour guides from the COGTIB). Limited places.
  • 9th March at 8 pm. Inauguration with the presence of the artist.
  • 4th April at 7 pm. Rendezvous with the curator of the project, Nekane Aramburu. "Aproximación a Reproductibilitat 2.3: vínculos visuales, artificios y fantasmagorías". 7 pm.
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