Es Baluard is a museum of modern and contemporary art and in Spain one of most important ones. Located in Palma and opened in 2004, as a great Balearic Islands museum, it has a collection of over 600 works of modern and contemporary artists linked to the scope of the Islands and/or with international reference. Es Baluard is catalyst and a vehicle for History, contemporary trends and education. The educational programs take place through exhibitions, activities and training cycles, as well as a living laboratory for current creative practices.

The museum’s main mission focuses in the functions that give meaning to the word “museum”. That is, preserve, document and promote the heritage linked to the collections guarded by Es Baluard, in order to consolidate and expand the patrimonial value of the known as modern and contemporary art.

Inserts in the glocal, we understand culture with a commitment to identity from an international, open, mutant, organic and porous perspective, as the Balearic Islands have been in its long history.

Currently, Es Baluard is starting a fundamental phase as an observatory and archaeologist museum, both of the past and immediate present from our privileged strategic position in the Mediterranean, which will reassess the culture of the Balearics and its international networks with a function of antenna and node.

The museum, beyond its architectural setting, of the “white box like” exhibition space, offer new models for expanding culture consistent with the intellectual debatecommitment through collaborative strategies.

Contemporary creation has been and is the result of the collective. To build the accurate cultural models for today’s world is only possible having a society involved with the culture and formed by an active citizenship of interlocutors and participants.

At Es Baluard we understand that the reformulation of museumsneeds to implement horizontal management systems. To that end, the museum team is working on mainstreaming internally and as a mechanism of a participatory organization with associate partners and external collaborators, allowing permeability in the medium-term and long-term processes.

As a public service entity, Es Baluard focus everyday on Research and Development R&D from the optimization of resources and the excellence of our services, both innovative management and the quality of the contents, mainly focusing on:

a) Researching guarded collections and those not represented stages, solving historiographical gaps and developing its knowledge.
b) Promoting educational interaction and continuos training.

Museum is a common good and should be paradigm of respect for equality at all levels, as well as for the rights of living beings, in order to contribute to a more sustainable and supportive planet, while complying with environmental resources and ecology from the education in civic values, social commitment and culture. Attentive to the future of a society, we would like to contribute to open networking from transparency as an ethical principle.

There are few things as solid and permanent as the museum walls and its contents. However, many times these are only places to circulate The museum is not real. However, the time and space of the museum, as an intangible constellation and polymorphic file, belong to everyone. Their resonances are endless. In Es Baluard we work to make it possible.

Nekane Aramburu, director.


Since its creation in 2004, in the form of a mixed foundation, the museum has constituted itself as a public service entity.

Es Baluard’s main mission focusses on the functions that meaning to the very word “museum”. That is, conserving, documenting and promoting the heritage linked to the collections Es Baluard looks after with the aim of consolidating and diffusing the heritage value of what is known as modern and contemporary art.

Inserted in things glocal, the museum understands culture committed to the identitary, from a perspective that is open and changing, organic and porous international, as the Balearics have been throughout their long history.

Our aim is for our work to have a social return.

Es Baluard is an observatory and archaeological museum of both the continuous past and the immediate present, from our strategically-privileged position in the Mediterranean, allowing for the appreciation of the culture of the Balearics and their international networks, functioning as an antenna and a node.

Beyond its architectural framework, Es Baluard develops new models of expansion of culture installed in the commitment to intellectual debate through collaborative strategies.

Contemporary creation was and is the fruit of collectivity. Only a community involved in culture and established by active citizens who are both interlocutors and participants is it possible to construct the cultural models demanded by today’s society.

Es Baluard understands that the revival of museums must include implementing horizontal management systems. The museum’s team therefore works transversally, internally and as a participative organisation mechanism with associated collectives and external collaborators, allowing for permeability in medium and long term processes.


Es Baluard aspires to being a great Mediterranean cultural complex, in the form of a focus of heritage, history, multidisciplinary and contemporary thought. To developing, in this way, as an entity with a holistic vocation that is mutable and permeable with the progression of society and culture focussed on the construction of a fairer, more cultured and happier world.

To generating a museum model of sustainable, open management in which the public-private concept acquires a real, useful sense.


Social innovation

The functions of the Fundació Es Baluard include the conservation of the museum’s assets of cultural value, the promotion of knowledge, the diffusion of its heritage and the promotion of culture in general.

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