Laboratory of Art and Thought

Education and research programme that aims to become a platform for ideas and a space for critical thinking in which to explore the potential of artistic practice and cultural production as mechanisms of intervention in social change.

It seeks to bring together people who are interested in the interrelations between art and culture and other political and social spheres, people from the fields of the humanities, artistic practice, public policy, cultural production or management, activists and people linked to social movements or who are committed to social change and want to get involved in reflection, research and action projects in a collective work context.

“Contact Zone: Repairing Crises 2023”, a programme developed around five thematic axes that are intertwined with each other: New institutionality, Ecologisms, Jobs, Feminisms and Borders, will focus on the possible practices for repairing these crises, and in this way become a space in which to imagine possible futures.

LAP is part of  Imaginar nuevas Europas promoted by the Spanish Presidency of the European Union.