Instituto del Tiempo Suspendido (ITS)

Project founded by Raquel Friera and Xavier Bassas that combines art and the questioning of philosophy and politics, reflection and activism of time. The ITS is a life project because it transversally concerns everyone’s life, from our birth—and before we are born—to our death—and even after—. The ITS identifies chrono-normativity in all areas of our societies and responds to it through chrono-diversity.

Raquel Friera has a degree in Economics and in Fine Arts. Her artistic projects denounce the diverse mechanisms of social control: detention centres for migrants, racial and religious identities, and economic morality, among others. Feminist thought has increasingly accompanied her work and has finally helped her synthesise the questioning of time as an essential mechanism for the production of subjectivity in our societies.

Xavier Bassas is a professor of French Studies at the University of Barcelona, a translator of French thought and a philosopher by vocation. Of his numerous collaborations and publications, the series L’art de la cronodiversitat (CaixaForum Barcelona, 2021) and his two recent books stand out: Jacques Rancière. Ensayar la igualdad (also in Catalan, Gedisa, 2018) and a conversation with Jacques Rancière himself titled El litigio de las palabras. Diálogo sobre la política del lenguaje (NED, 2019; also in French, La Fabrique, 2021).