18 June 2022

The “Contact Zone: Repairing Crises” programme aims to give visibility to the multiple crises we have been facing for decades. Crises that are interrelated, continuous and simultaneous: social, political, economic, of the climate, health and jobs. Its intention is to expose the inefficiency of our political and economic systems, which, far from placing people at their centre, continue to make the economy and its growth the axis of all policies. For this reason, more and more voices are being raised that demand a politics of repair, policies of radical transformations in the context of the civilizational crisis in which we are immersed.

Contact Zone: Repairing Crises” aims to create a space in which to reflect and analyse, but also, and essentially, to rehearse different forms of work within the institution/museum as a space for critical, educational and social experimentation, and to seek out intervention mechanisms that contribute to repairing a world in which, in the words of Naomi Klein, “everything is too damaged”.

Through a lecture by Guy Standing, economist and one of the precursors of the precariat concept, followed by a debate with Marcelo Expósito, artist and cultural critic, we will analyse possible strategies of repair and reconstruction in favour of a more fair, equal, sustainable and free society.

Thursday 18 June

6 pm. Public lecture: Guy Standing
6.45 pm. Debate between Guy Standing and Marcelo Expósito, moderated by Berta Sureda