MODULE 2. Environmentalisms

From 3 to 19 March 2022

This module aims to address issues such as the climate emergency and new international critical awareness regarding the limits of development, the emergence of new environmental movements and the possibility of environmental collapse, which is among humanity’s greatest concerns today. It also seeks to reflect on how the COVID-19 health crisis has brought the tourism sector to a standstill and, faced with this situation, multiple voices have been raised demanding (again) the redefinition of the tourism model, a new model that places the environment and people at its centre, taking into account social and climate justice criteria. The module aims to rethink knowledge generation mechanisms and structures from the cultural institution perspective, analysing artistic practices that promote new forms and dynamics capable of connecting contemporary artistic and social processes. And, from the artistic and cultural production sphere, in relation to ecological awareness, reflect on how to go beyond the ways of doing based on purely commercial processes or product exchange, to develop processes from which to share knowledge and cooperate effectively and sustainably.

Thursday 3 March

7 pm – 9 pm. Public conference: Yayo Herrero

Friday 4 March

10 am – 11 am. Conversation/coffee with Yayo Herrero
11 am – 7 pm. Seminar and round table with Ernest Garcia, Ivan Murray and Margalida Ramis

From 5 to 17 March

Research work, research group meetings, activation of visual and documentation resources.
Process accompaniment: Ivan Murray

1.30 pm. Conclusions

Thursday 17 March

7 pm – 9 pm. LAP Screen

Ficciones anfibias, María Ruido, 2002 (33′)
Koyaanisqatsi, Godfrey Reggio, 1982 (75’)

Friday 18 March

10 am – 7 pm. Laboratory with Arquitectives, Basurama and Luís González Reyes

Saturday 19 March

10.30 am – 1.30 pm. Continuation of laboratory and preparation of conclusions
1.30 pm. Open presentation