MODULE 3. Feminisms

From 7 to 23 April 2022

The fourth feminist wave, which stands out for its intersectional nature, going beyond the logic of male/female inequality to integrate race and social class into its discourses, today brings together all the demands launched by the different feminist movements and theories: inequality, violence and femicide, the feminisation of poverty, gender stereotypes, sexual freedom, the responsibility of care work and the rights that derive from it, the rights of migrant women and racism, the symbiosis of feminism/environmentalism, postcolonial feminism, the wage gap or the precariousness of feminised sectors. This module aims to open up a space for reflection and the analysis of critical, historical and conceptual tools on the main issues that are being unfolded from different feminist positions, going beyond homogenising feminism and approaching it from its complexity. It is based on various intertwined perspectives, taking into account that feminisms generate critical thinking and demands intrinsically linked to the struggle against gender inequality, yet that are also integrated into many of the demands of the struggles against the negative effects of neoliberal capitalism and in favour of radical democracy, with the desire to promote profound social transformations.

Thursday 7 April

7 pm—9 pm: LAP Screen

No existimos, Ana Solano, 2015 (66′)

Friday 8 April

10 am – 7 pm. Seminar and round table with Suely Rolnik, Neus Tur and Brigitte Vasallo

Saturday 8 April

10.30 am – 1.30 pm. Continuation of round table and beginning of the research group
1.30 pm. Conclusions

From 9 to 21 April

Research work, research group meetings, activation of visual and documentation resources.
Process accompaniment: Neus Tur

Thursday 21 April

7 pm – 9 pm. Public conference: Judith Butler

Friday 22 April

10 am – 11 am. Conversation/coffee with Judith Butler

11 am – 7 pm. Laboratory with Tonina Matamalas, Lucía Mbomío and PSJM

Saturday 23 April

10.30 am – 1.30 pm. Continuation of laboratory and preparation of conclusions
1.30 pm. Open presentation