Regarding the exhibition "Reproductibilitat 1.0", Es Baluard presents the workshop "Cámara-Cuerpo en Movimiento” (Camera-Body in Motion) with Ingrid Medina and Manuel Elviro, aimed at professionals, students and enthusiasts with the aim of hybridize motion and audiovisuals "searching a performing body in motion". 

This workshop aims to get a hybridization between body in motion and visual systems. The camera is no longer just an utilitarian object to adopt a new physical presence on stage, forming a third body, a body-machine that not only is performed, but it does perform, move and built. A camera moving from the object to the body providing another kind of results. So we try to understand how the body moves before it moves as we please.

With the collaboration of:

25th November 2013 → 29th November 2013