Stop motion is both an artistic process and an animation technique (different from cartoon or computer animation). In it, static objects acquire movement through a series of successive still images.
Es Baluard, following our new line of education and training on image and technologies, promotes this workshop. It's aimed to approach stop motion to children, exploring its possibilities a ludic point of view.
This workshop is based on the interpretation of a painting of the permanent collection by the students, that will turn into a visual animation using the stop motion technique.
The works made in the workshop will be seen and presented on the last session, in the museum's Espai Educatiu Guillem Cifre de Colonya.
Session 1 (in Es Baluard)
1. Guided tour through specific paintings of the museum's collection.
2. Brief explanation by the museum staff and interpretation of the painting by children.
3. Working from the painting: painting of sketches and making of cut-out figures to be worked later.
Session 2 (in LADAT. Building Europe, bajos, ParcBIT Palma 07121).
1. Introduction to the stop motion
2. Basic Tricks used in film animation and examples
3. Introduction to the software
4. Practical exercise to get familiar with stop motion software and the basic rules of animation
Session 3 (in LADAT)
1. Review of the stop motion software and introduction to the guidelines of animation.
2. Invent a little story and draw a story board.
3. Practice in pairs with the material created in the first session
Session 4 (in Es Baluard)
Watching the projects by the workshop participants.

9th May 2015 → 30th May 2015