El dia minimúsica

  • Day: September 29
  • Hours: from 10am to 6pm
  • Places: Central courtyard, Aljub, Auditori and upper terraces
  • Payment activity

The festival El dia minimúsica is an innovative experience directed to the familiar public that offers a programming from concerts, games, and educational workshops around themes such as music, gastronomy, technology or reading.

According to the organizers, we are currently immersed in a change of social paradigm that affects the world of education, and this challenge is accompanied by obstacles that sometimes make it difficult to spend quality time with the family.

In this sense, El dia minimúsica transcends the musical fact and goes far beyond live music in its content offer, becoming a transversal proposal. The importance of a practical and diverse music education from childhood, outdoor play, spending quality time with the family or eating a varied diet based on a sustainable diet are some of the concepts that will permeate the different elements that make up the event.

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29th September 2018 → 29th September 2018