Screening of "Kedi. Cats of Istanbul" and debat about the urban feline colonies

  • Day: October 10, 2018
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Space: Auditori
  • Free activity

In the framework of the program of activities of the exhibition “Them and us”, Baluard presents the screening of the documentary “Kedi. Cats of Istanbul” (2017) in order to introduce the question of the urban feline colonies, theme of the subsequent discussion.

In the debate will participate the General Coordinator of Ecology, Agriculture and Animal Welfare of the City Council of Palma, Josep Maria Rigo Serra; the veterinarian Antoni Marí, of the Col·legi de Veterinaris de les Illes Balears (COVIB) and Maite Trobat, catcher of felines of Puig de Sant Pere, moderated by the vice president of Baldea (Balearic Platform for the Defense of Animals) and President of Amics dels Animals de Esporles, Olga Coego. Together they will analyze the situation of the cat colonies in Palma and, by extension, on the island, and what the control and care programs are for them.

To develop these activities parallel to the exhibition “Them and us” the museum has worked with the collectives of the Balearic Islands and professionals of the sector generating a series of cross-cutting actions that allow promoting platforms of dialogue and knowledge.

Data sheet: Kedi (2017) V.O.S.E. Original Version Subtitled in Spanish

  • Duration: 80 min.
  • Country: Turkey
  • Address: Ceyda Torun
  • Co-production Turkey-United States; Termite Films
  • Synopsis: hundreds of thousands of cats roam freely through the city of Istanbul, the Turkish metropolis of almost 15 million inhabitants that divides East from the West. Without an owner, these animals live between two worlds, neither wild nor domestic.
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10th October 2018 → 10th October 2018