15 years of Erre que Erre + K.Danse

Es Baluard presents projections of dance shows by the companies Erre que Erre and K.Danse.

The K-DANSE company is based in Toulouse (France) and directed by two choreographers with very different but complementary paths, performs the staging of their shows expermitenting with a language that combines dance, image and technology. In France and abroad K-Danse company is known for its pioneering role and the dynamism of creation in a territory that crosses the dance and digital art.

The Erre que erre collective was born in 1996 with common artistic interests and they start a way open to experiment and create new forms and concepts of dance and movement. Understanding dance as a communicative act that appeals to the emotions and feelings more than a logical narrative discourse, they offer some perspectives on the issue of body and conflict with others.

15th October 2011 → 16th October 2011