I-CorDes - Sixth session:
Listening Between Bodies

Institut de Corpologies Deslocalitzades

  • Day: December 11, 2021
  • Schedule: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Location: Aljub
  • Paid activity (€5) with prior registration and limited places.

Es Baluard Museu and Conselleria de Fons Europeus, University and Culture of the Balearic Islands Government propose a new session of I-CorDes, Institut de Corpologies Deslocalitzades, a public program that aims to return the bodies to the center, reaffirm their face-to-face position in the space, in the environment, at a time when they have been relegated to seclusion and non-contact.

This sixth session of I-CorDes invites you to look, but not with your eyes; to listen, but not with the ears; to touch without skin. It aspires to configure a listening space-time between bodies. An ephemeral transition where the common appears by the operation of a dislocation of the senses (and of the sense), by a mixed arrangement of the sound, the textual and the choreographic in dialogue with the architecture of the building, the light or the landscape. The session will be conducted by the dj, producer and musician Daniel Holc (Ascii.Disko, The Left Hand Path, SHDWS), the choreographer Idoia Zabaleta and the researcher and writer Isabel de Naverán.

From the sound, the physical vibration of the bodies or the reading aloud and in a low voice, it is about observing the way in which the bodies are contained, the gestures are remembered and replaced, the voices are confused, and to open the possibility to other ways of being in the place.

In Listening Between Bodies, we put an unstable, non-individual self to work, whose contours are not delimited by its anatomy. We will lend ourselves to the transitions through different physical, corporal, emotional and perceptual states that take place throughout a day, from morning to sunset, and pay attention to the way in which bodies harbor presences of their relationships with what is and with what is. what is no longer there.


  • 11:00 am – 7:00 pm. “Listen between the bodies”
    Session by Idoia Zabaleta, Isabel de Naverán and Daniel Holc
  • 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm. Lunch break

This schedule are indicative and may be slightly modified, except for the start time, which will be at 11 am.


Daniel Holc

“Do it yourself”: it all starts as a teenager with his first punk rock band. Later, he will be a guitarist in the bands Slown and Venus Vegas. He produces the German album Tigerbeat. At that point he begins to experiment with electronic music that will lead to his solo project, Ascii.Disko. Dark sounds that thunder from the stomach in parallel with the Italo disco and techno heritage. Many dance floors are filled with songs like Einfach or Strassen.

In 2003, he released his first album with this alias being internationally recognized in the electronic scene. His dedication as a composer is interspersed with his sessions as a DJ in Brazil, Latin America, the United States… Europe. Ascii.Disko will become The Left Hand Path for a while. With the singer of the band WEAREOFF, he is in charge of the musical part in two albums with the name SHDWS. He has done numerous mixes for Josh Wink, Marc Almond or The Presets. Again as Ascii.Disko in November 2021 publishes the album Todos los conciertos, todas las noches, todo vacío (with the same title as an exhibition by the artist Ana Laura Aláez, in which he has collaborated closely).

Idoia Zabaleta

She is a choreographer. At the Faculty of Biology (UPV-EHU) she specialized in ecosystems and population dynamics. Some of the ideas that run through her work are related to the ecology of the act of communication and the processes of (re) presentation. Zabaleta studies New Dance and Improvisation in Barcelona, ​​Florence, Amsterdam and New York. In 1990, she created Moaré Danza, based in Gasteiz. He worked with the Mal Pelo company, directed by María Muñoz and Pep Ramis, between 1995 and 1999. Since 2000 he has co-produced and created his own work, collaborating with other artists and researchers such as Isabel de Naverán, Filipa Francisco, Antonio Tagliarini, Ixiar Rozas, Sofía Asencio, among others.

He is a member of ARTEA, where he collaborates with Isabel de Naverán in the development of the Autonomy and Complexity project. He co-directs, together with de Naverán and Igor de Quadra Dantza Kodeak, the dance classroom at the Leioa Campus (UPV / EHU). She collaborates in the publication of the books Zeru Urdina, 4 itinerarios y otras fotos and Bicho. Her work has been seen at festivals and international meetings. Since 2008, he has built and governs, together with Juan González, the AZALA art residency and creation space, in Lasierra (Araba).

Isabel de Naverán

She is a researcher in choreography and performance. She investigates the intersection between art, contemporary choreography, and performance in curating, editing, and writing projects. The concern for the passage and use of time underlies her research, focused on the corporal transmission and the revision of the concept of historical time from ephemeral and fugitive practices.

She is currently a curator of Live Arts in the Department of Public Activities of the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid and a researcher associated with Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao, with La ola en la mente (2021-22), a proposal focused on somatic writing as a form of curation. In 2010 she founded, together with Leire Vergara, Miren Jaio and Beatriz Cavia Bulegoa z / b – Office of art and knowledge, a project to which she remains linked until 2018. She is the editor of the books Hacer Historia. Reflexiones desde la práctica de la danza (2010) and Lecturas sobre danza y coreografía (together with Amparo Écija, 2013). Since 2016 she has been developing Envoltura, historia y síncope, a long-term investigation about the body in History and the stories of bodies that in 2021 is published as a book in Editorial Caniche.

Cultural Training
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11th December 2021 → 11th December 2021

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