«True feminism is trans-inclusive» by El Palomar

Cycle [Comfort (Voyeur) Control]

  • Day: June 29
  • Hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Special final closing: 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Place: Exhibition halls
  • Free activity

Es Baluard Museu programs the performance cycle “[Comfort (Voyeur) Control]” linked to the exhibition that reviews the Museum’s collection “Personae. Masks Against Barbarism”. Curated by Tolo Cañellas, the cycle began in December 2021 with the artist Itziar Okariz and will run until December 2022.

“[Comfort (Voyeur) Control]” will activate the exhibition “Personae. Masks Against Barbarism” through different performances and actions in the exhibition halls. A total of six artists and collectives make up the proposal: Fito Conesa, Antoni Hervás, Itziar Okariz, Isabel de Naverán and Susy Gómez, the latter present in the exhibition. The creators have carte blanche to interpret what a work or the or the exhibition as a whole suggests to them, and to dialogue with that environment, generating an experience for the spectator. In a certain way, the aim is to take the audience out of their comfort zone to turn them into observers, so that they can take control, at least during the interventions. As it is a cycle that is built organically, it can mutate. Interventions can leave a trace and even change location. Ultimately, anything can happen.

The third performance of the cycle is “True feminism is trans-inclusive”, a proposal by El Palomar that uses the languages ​​of political vindication through typically artistic media such as silkscreen printing, creating different portable paintings to temporarily insert them in the museum space of Es Baluard Museu. During the performance, which will be of a durational nature, the collective will stand like two other employees in the exhibition halls during an opening day of the Museum and will circulate with the banners. Between 6:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. the action will finish with the intervention of the artists, the curator and the director of Es Baluard Museu, Imma Prieto.

The project connects with politically positioned transfeminist genealogies and raises the lack of inclusivity and repercussion of queer bastard methodologies in the official spheres of culture, questioning how non-cisgender identities appeal to notions such as work and its access, protest, enunciation or the material and symbolic value of productions and bodies. The action continues the friction between the artistic languages ​​and the languages ​​of activism present in other previous actions by El Palomar such as Trans trans trans, Propaganda queer or Sin feminismo no hay cultura, among others.

El Palomar is an expanded artistic project directed by Mariokissme and R. Marcos Mota that began in January 2013, with a focus on the research and production of projects and works of contemporary queer art linked to policies of sexual and gender dissidence. El Palomar is a community of work, an ideological alignment and an institutional rethinking. In this queer-based laboratory, its directors are artists, but also programmers and curators who generate critical discourses, combining multiple identities to modify the ways of working with art; continuously redefining queer and artistic communities, generating and sharing experiences in common places. They received the Ojo Crítico award in 2020, the Miquel Casablancas award in 2017 and have been present at the 11th Berlin Biennale, as well as other museums and cultural centers such as MACBA, HKW, Fundació Miró, Homesession, Centro Párraga, MUSAC, La Capella, or Casal Solleric, among others. They have also participated in numerous actions, talks and conferences in relation to their practice. In El Palomar, desire is a catalyst to rethink everything.

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29th June 2022 → 29th June 2022