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Presentation of the book Ritual de duelo by Isabel de Naverán

Llegim juntxs la contemporaneïtat

• Day: December 15
• Time: 6:00 p.m.
• Venue: Book shop
• Free activity with prior registration and limited places

Isabel de Naverán will present the novel Ritual de duelo published by Consonni, an intimate work written as a diary after the death of her mother, affected by a degenerative disease. The author tries to recover those last days. An experiential writing, marked by the awareness of a transformation that taked place during the time immediately after the death of someone loved. This book shows how every small detail of daily life is resignified, changing it without turning back. It also accounts for the physical and vital impetus that is experienced in the period of mourning, a mixture of grief and joy, a state sometimes full of contradictions.

Presents: Ana Laura Aláez, artist

Synopsis: Coinciding with the anniversary of her mother’s death, Isabel de Naverán writes a diary of mourning. The physical action of writing becomes a ritual for the author, the gesture that transforms and resignifies the lived experience. The book flows like a mental voice that becomes aware of its own state, adopting at times the nature of a letter written to her mother, in search of a new form of presence. Images, memories and observations of the changing states that follow a life impact are organized in short fragments, forming a constellation in which different voices intersect. The one who remembers what someone said is now the one who thinks or evokes and the self blurs to give space to an in-between, a place of enunciation that is necessarily unstable, generous, tactile.

Isabel de Naverán investigates the intersection between art, contemporary choreography and performance in curatorial, editing and writing projects. The concern for the passage and use of time underlies her research, focused on body transmission and the revision of the concept of historical time through ephemeral and fugitive practices.
She is currently the curator of Live Arts in the Department of Public Activities of the Reina Sofía Museum and a researcher associated with Azkuna Zentroa, with La ola en la mente (2021-2023), a proposal focused on somatic writing as a form of curatorship.
In 2010 she founded, together with Beatriz Cavia, Miren Jaio and Leire Vergara Bulegoa z / b – – Oficina de arte y conocimiento, a project to which she remains linked until 2018. She is the editor of the books Hacer Historia. Reflexiones desde la práctica de la danza (2010) and Lecturas sobre danza y coreografía (together with Amparo Écija, 2013).
Since 2016 she has been developing Envoltura, historia y síncope, a long-term investigation into the body in History and the stories of bodies in the field of contemporary choreography, which in 2021 has been published as a book by Caniche. Ritual de duelo is her second book as an author.

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15th December 2022 → 15th December 2022