• Espe Pons, Son Coletes Cemetery, Manacor, Majorca, 2023. Photography. courtesy of the artist

Presentation of the photobook Tierra by Espe Pons

Llegim juntxs la contemporaneïtat

  • Day: September 13
  • Time: 7 p.m.
  • Space: Auditori
  • Free activity with prior registration and limited places

The programme Llegim Juntxs La Contemporaneïtat appeals to collective reflection on the different issues that cross our time, such as bodies, identities, memory, utopias or the new institutionality. In this programme we organize presentations of publications related to contemporary thought and/or artistic practices. In each edition, we invite the authors of each book, together with other critics, writers and professionals from the sector. Tierra is the photographic project with which Espe Pons invites us to delve into the memory of places marked by the trauma of the Civil War and its subsequent repression. Her photobook shows various locations where the bodies of victims of political violence were buried and contributes to critical reflection on a period of our recent history, which includes images of the Balearic geography. Tierra, takes us through the landscapes that surround us with an awareness of the tectonic movements of our history and their current aftershocks.

Presented by: Maria-Josep Mulet, PhD in Art History and specialist in photographic heritage

Espe Pons has dedicated her whole life to images since she started studying photography at the age of 14. The fundamental core of her work is memory and landscape. Often, the construction of her projects is based on a certain visual poetics full of silences. Others place photography right on the edge of the medium, highlighting its conventions. Although at the beginning of her career the work was constructed more from an interior landscape and personal memory aspect, over time the work becomes complex, incorporating clear elements of historical and social reflection. It is in her latest projects, Portraits, Bajo la luz del mar and Tierra, where a more critical and committed gaze is evident. Pons has exhibited in numerous institutions, centres and festivals dedicated to photography.

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13th September 2023 → 13th September 2023