To mark The International Museum Day, Es Baluard hosted, from 14 to 18 May, several activities. In 2010, the theme for International Museums Day is "Museums for social harmony" and in this sense, Es Baluard took into account social activities: the performance To Vibrate by Mercedes Boronat, the intervention "Spermöla on wheels" of the collective Basurama, the conference "Projectes col·laboratius per l'harmonia social" of Marc Masmiquel, the exhibition "Nàufrags" by the Es Baluard's Education Area with the artist Isabel Castro and open doors from 10 to 22 hours on 18 May.

  • "PROJECTES COL·LABORATIUS PER A L'HARMONIA SOCIAL". Marc Masmiquel, designer and editor of Invisible, presents different participative and collaborative iniciatives aiming that the invisible things become visible, sintesizing and materializing this idea into an editorial project.
  • MERCEDES BORONAT. TO VIBRATE. To vibrate is a vibration to the social harmony that invites dancers, actors, artists, performers and persons experimented in meditation to participate in this laboratory and its performance. At the meeting on May 15, choreographer Mercedes Boronat talks to the audience on the "To vibrate" project project, explaining the work process and giving its creative keys. From 15 to 17 May is the research laboratory on the vibration that emerges from the state of meditation. This laboratory will be held at Quarter d'Interdència and is free entrance. Finally there is the performance To vibrate, on May 18 in various areas of the museum, which allows you to experience the quiet reserve of energy, creativity and intelligence that is within everyone. It aims to create a natural state of restful alertness.
  • BASURAMA. SPERMÖLA SOBRE RODES. Basurama is a group that studies the garbage and waste in all its forms and phenomena inherent in mass production of the consumer society. On this basis, provide new insights that act as generators of thought and attitude, and raise questions not only about how to exploit our resources, but also our way of thinking, working and perceiving reality. Spermöla sobre rodes is a project that unites two Basurama experiences "Spermöla" and "Tot sobre rodes". While "Spermöla" aims to prevent not to throw objects we do not need or do not want away, "Tot sobre rodes" will temporarily occupy a space with intervented furniture and objects so the became mobile.The aim is to provoke a state of participation and exchange, giving the museum a new use.
  • EXHIBITION "NÀUFRAGS". The exhibition "Nàufrags" features the result of the workshop, directed by the artist Isabel Castro and coordinated by the Es Baluard's Area of Education. This workshop is unconventional, since students have been some of the patients of the Half-Stay Unit (UME) of the GESMA psychiatric center. "Nàufrags" will display the works they have made with the assistance of Isabel Castro Jung and the Es Baluard's Area of Education. This workshop is part of the project "Contemporary Art and Hospitals" of the Euroregion. (Click here for more information.)
14th May 2010 → 18th May 2010