"Llunes d'Baluard" is in its fourth edition with theatre, music, sound poetry and contemporary dance. In the fourth edition of "Llunes d'Es Baluard" museum Es Baluard makes a bid to strengthen the summer program, that year after year has provided an opportunity for the meeting or the discovery of artists exploring the new avenues of dance, theatre, music, circus, visual poetry or performing arts.

"Llunes d'Baluard" in the summer of 2009, will offer at the museum's terraces on Friday 10, 17, 24 i July 31 and August 7 at 10 pm, an attractive and innovative program taking into account a wide range of expressions while serving implications for artists of great renown in the Balearic Islands, Spain and the international wide.Theater of great artistic concerns with company La Impaciencia and their  "Radiografies" (July 10), sound poetry and music in a show created for the occasion by the band Bradien and poet and cultural agitator Eduard Escofett (July 17), the voice and music by Christina Rosenvinge presenting her disk Tu labio superior through the only acoustic concert of the tour (July 24) and to break the cycle, sound poetry and performance with "Ghosts of Spain" (August 7) by the American artist Lydia Lunch, who has earned international recognition for the innovative quality of her work.

10th July 2009 → 7th August 2009