A meeting with Rogelio López Cuenca

Es Baluard holds a meeting with Rogelio López Cuenca on 11 December at 7 pm. The artist will share impressions of his work Donna Supr(em)atista, currently shown at the exhibition "Reproductibilitat 1.2. Fundació Aena + Baluard“.
Belonging to the artworks series «Portadas de Revistas de Moda», Donna Supr(em)atista reinterprets images from the mass media and from the everyday environment that the artist Rogelio López Cuenca usually makes on different supports. This work is based on the painting Woman with a rake (ca. 1930-1931), by the artist and graphic designer Kazimir Severinovich Malevich, the founder of suprematism.
Exhibition "Reproductibilitat 1.2. Fundación Aena + Baluard" belongs to the "Reproductibilitat" series, which started in 2013 to show the image's evolution and to research into this.

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11th December 2014 → 11th December 2014