Andersson Dance

Choreography: Örjan Andersson
Dancers: Asher Lev, Shi Pratt, Jenna Fakhoury
Music: BJNilsen
Duration: 60 minutes

Es Baluard presents Art Hall Project, choreographed by Örjan Andersson, director of Andersson Dance, contemporary dance company, based in Stockholm (Sweden), which invites different dancers from around the world to collaborate on each of its projects. Funded by The Swedish Arts Council 2012 – 2014 and The Cultural Capital of Stockholm, Andersson Dance features works of small and large format to suit into each stages. 

Örjan Andersson, who lives and works in Stockholm, is one of the most acclaimed choreographers of his country. He co-produces and tours in Sweden and around the world.  

Andersson has a constant curiosity for space as a composition item in a dance work and as an element of the dancer's expression. This preoccupation with space makes his choreography to be directly connected to architecture. The dancers “live” in different locations of museums and cultural centers to make each show unique.

In his first visit to Mallorca Andersson Dance will play Art Hall Project, a piece fit into the Es Baluard's museum context and created specifically for the Aljub.

In collaboration with The Swedish Arts Council, The Cultural Capital of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Andersson Dance and Mallorca Landings, new space aimed at contemporary art projects and artists' residence in Palma.

13th January 2012 → 13th January 2012