Art, body and movement training

Educa Amb l’Art is a programme of Apropa Cultura that teaches how to enrich, enhance and give a new dimension to your work as educators through different artistic disciplines.

Training aimed at professionals in social and educational action.


What will we do?

The workshop aims to generate a meeting space from where to approach experiences claiming the body and performance as an artistic and political territory for social transformation. We will create corporal and affective landscapes from the idea of symbiosis using as material our memories and roots in an appeal to the physical, organic and living under the concept of interdependence. We will generate spaces for dialogue with the work of Jorge Eduardo Eielson, acting directly on the pieces and around the museum.


The trainer, Anna Berenguer (Banyeres de Mariola -Alicante- 1985)

Graduate in Dramatic Art from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and in Audiovisual Communication from the UAB. She is also studying the Official Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Theatre Studies. She develops her research and artistic practice on the margins of the body, focusing on the intersection of different materials that intertwine and relate to each other. She works from the need to embrace the idea of symbiosis or life in common, activating the peripheral gaze to generate new contexts and relationships.


Prepare the session:

Materials: comfortable clothes, socks, paper and pen.


Registration: Apropa Cultura


Education Training
4th February 2023 → 4th February 2023