Art en pantalla: Eugenia Tenenbaum

Reading program

• Day: March 14
• Time: 7:00 p.m.
• Space: Bookshop
• Free activity with previous registration

Many years have passed since Linda Nochlin questioned the inequalities of the art system, which limited the development of women artists. In 1971, ArtNews magazine published her famous text “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” a first step in art historical research and a universal milestone in the fight for gender equality. After her, many authors have made the work of artists visible, and Eugenia Tenenbaum has contributed to feminist artistic theory with her work.

Tenenbaum has been publishing content on social networks since she was 14, first as a blogger and then as a cultural disseminator, to denounce the lack of female representation in art, as well as the need to make it accessible to the majority.

In her talk, Sources For a New History of Art, she will tell us about all these issues that she also addresses in her own books, La mirada inquieta. Cómo disfrutar del arte con tus propios ojos or Las mujeres detrás de Picasso. But he will also recommend others, who have been a source of inspiration and have opened doors to understanding art and its communication from new points of view, adding the significance that the digital world has in the transmission of knowledge with a gender perspective.

Art en pantalla (Art on Screen) is a public programme to promote the reading and dissemination of Art History from multiple perspectives, which also addresses the dissemination of artistic content on social networks and other digital platforms. This cycle, started by Eugenia Tenenbaum, has the participation of Sara Rubayo, Jorge Carrión and Miguel Ángel Cajigal (El Barroquista).

Eugenia Tenenbaum is an art historian specialized in gender perspective. She is dedicated to cultural dissemination and art criticism on social networks, mainly Instagram and Patreon. She gives guided tours, presentations and workshops on art, feminism and the impact that gender relations have on the creation, reception and dissemination of artistic production at conferences, universities, institutes, museums and other spaces. The essay La mirada inquieta (2022) and the fiction Las mujeres detrás de Picasso (2023) are her first books.

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14th March 2024 → 14th March 2024