Art en pantalla: Jorge Carrión

Programa de lectura

The digital world has changed our way of seeing and knowing the world. Also the way we approach works of art and museums. Jorge Carrión has approached these questions in books such as Membrana (2021), Todos los museos son novelas de ciencia ficción (2022) and El Museo (2023). He will talk to us about all of them in this new event of the Art en pantalla (Art on Screen) programme at Es Baluard Museu.

Carrión will also dedicate part of his talk Ethics and aesthetics of social networks to the readings that have influenced him when it comes to understanding the artistic production of the 20th and 21st centuries. These publications include, among others: Ways of Seeing by John Berger, Atlas portátil de América Latina by Graciela Speranza, La furia de las imágenes by Joan Fontcuberta, and Duchamp, by Calvin Tomkins.

Art en pantalla (Art on Screen) is a public programme to promote the reading and dissemination of Art History from multiple perspectives, which will also address the dissemination of this content on social networks and other digital platforms. This cycle features the presence of Eugenia Tenenbaum, Sara Rubayo, Miguel Ángel Cajigal (El Barroquista) and Jorge Carrión himself.

Jorge Carrión has a doctorate in Humanities from the Pompeu Fabra University, at whose UPF-BSM he directs the Master in Literary Creation. He is the author of numerous books ranging from novels to essays, comics and travel literature. Many of them, such as Membrana (2021) and Todos los museos son novelas de ciencia ficción (2022), edited by Galaxia Gutenberg, and the graphic novel El Museu (2023) by Norma Editorial, drawn by Sagar, explore art and the museum.

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9th May 2024 → 9th May 2024