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"Reflecta" is a traveling film festival, emerged in Germany. Film screenings, lectures, exhibitions, concerts and distributing information are the activities which developes. This project promotes transnational and interdisciplinary dialogue between filmmakers, intellectuals, artists, scientists, policymakers and economy experts. The "Reflecta File" is a video consisting of thematic units around the conceptual axis "rethink your world". These are: Human and Environment, Identities (cultural, subcultural and gender) and Perception of Time (Slow and speed).   

After the premiere at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid in 2011, "Reflecta" concedes the Reflecta Award for Artivist shortfilms. This recognition distinguishes creation that seeks to change and encourage the commitment of artists to enhance and claim a world serving more sociable and environmental criteria.

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