On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, Es Baluard hosts from December 15 to January 23 Sanguis Materna, an installation by the artist Astrid Colomar (Palma, Spain, 1970). The piece is about human connections to accompany the Christmas spirit and inaugurates the new series of the artist's works.

The artists has turned, in Sanguis Materna, the sky's blue colour into the red from blood. The installation is divided into two parts. One consists of a cascade of red ribbons hanging from the walls of the Es Baluard's terrace, which open in the immensity of blue sky: a subtle but clearconnection between heaven and earth. The tapes of eight feet long are driven by all weather phenomenacollecting, naturally and spontaneously, the infinity of formsthat lifecan offer us through them. Life's persistent and prolific because of its potencial and realization. Thus, these tapes with subtle transparencies are like the game of the artist brush, a brush that picks up the capricious movements of life.
The second part of the installation is displayed in the museum's central courtyard. An intense spot of blood flows through the ground and, to affect the sanguis maternas powerful latin words, a neon with the artist’s calligraphy invokes our origins: the blood and soil
Sanguis Materna is the evolution of the pictorial series Astrid Colomar began in 2000, while living in the United States. This series were called "Universal Blood" and with this, the artist investigated the concept of open space to support all life in its potential. The large pieces were blue and transparent to fully open its own light painting. The installation is the result of a ritualized transition from blue to red, the concept of "Universal Blood" to "Sanguis Materna".
Astrid Colomar's installation is the second since Es Baluard began a series of collaborations with young artists to perform Christmas interventions. On that occasion, the artist was Carles Gispert.

15th December 2010 → 23rd January 2011