Atempo is a musical picture, an unreal space, no man's land where four characters are. A place where they will share excerpts from two realities: one daily and one bullet.They know … But do not remember … Music is the key to get to communicate.

A show with live music and energetic choreography and contemporary circus. Atempo is the result of a research project based on the choreography and circus music from three disciplines: Chinese stick, steering wheel and rope cyr. Presented at the Trapezi 2010 (Reus), Catalonia Circus Fair.

Atempo Circ is a collective of artists with very different paths, a place to come together with various circus arts such as music, dance, visual arts and theater. Finding a common language, very visual and poetic energy, that articulates these performing arts on stage, is the spirit that gives rise to Atempo Circ.

Idea and creation: Atempo Circ.
Choreography: Matthew Marre.
Music: José Arias.
Cast: Marilén Ribot (rope wheel), Miguel Angel Soto (Chinese stick), Matías Marre (cyr wheel and choreography) and Jose Arias (cello).
Lighting: Pep Pérez.
Costume: Esperança Pascual.
Co-production: Centre d 'Arts Escèniques Reus (CAER).

23rd July 2010 → 23rd July 2010