The annual circuit bending meeting which has become an unmissable event at the NeoTokyo Festival will be inaugurating this sixth festival. This discipline, which consists of rewiring low-voltage circuits (whether of children’s toys or battery-run electronic items) by experimenting and short-circuiting the elements in them, defines the spirit of NeoTokyo in itself, and indeed the concept of the festival: experimentation, subversion, innovation and collaboration, not only in the musical aspects but also in the very construction of the sound devices. A proposal that is open to any agent of this discipline in which two groups of creators, unknown to each other and situated in two locations, each of them defending their instruments and sounds from one of the loudspeakers (L&R). A sonic experience that is only apt for the daring and those with genuine curiosity for the new forms of creation.
The proposal is coordinated by Jordi Martínez (l'Home 1000 Vegades Mort- H1000VM), a member of the NeoTokyo group and activist of this discipline on which he gives workshops around the island and the peninsula.

7th September 2012 → 7th September 2012