As part of the activities of the Second International Poetry Slam of Mallorca, Es Baluard hosts the Beat Attitude! premiere in Spain. This is a multilingual creation based on the life and work of forgotten poets of the Beat Generation.   

Beat Attitude! is a poetic creation of Slam Tribu Reims, Alg-A Lab and Poetry Slam Mallorca, inspired by the life and work of the poet-women from the Beat generation through the work of three poets, a musician and multimedia artist.   

Keroauc's, Cassady's and Ginsberg's trips have been widely chronicled in countless works in verse and prose, but there were also women in the Beat Generation? And if so, what did they write? This interactive and multilingual (English, Spanish, French, with subtitles) performance with the Es Baluard public will display poetic texts conceived for the occasion; as well as adaptations of poems by women of the Beat generation, alive through the actors voice and music creation.   

The Beat Generation is one of the pioneers of the return to the oral tradition in poetry: poets declaimed in bars and adapted their jazzy verses, thus starting real improvised creations. That is why the Beat Generation is one of the most obvious referents of the called slam poetry movement that began in the United States thirty years later and which aspires to become a respite from his.   

Actors / Music / Multimedia   

• Annalisa Marí Pegrum (creation slam, English voice) 
• Brice Verdure (music creation) 
• Irene Sen (creation slam; Spanish voice) 
• Sébastien Gavignet (creation slam; French voice) 
• Man_Hauser (multimedia authoring)

Beat Attitude is the result of the slam creation residence which took place in Es Baluard from July 29 to August 2, 2014 (more information).



29th October 2014 → 29th October 2014