Body and gender: transversal projects from contemporary art. Teachers Permanent Training

Videos viewing and presentation of the work done throughout the project.
June 6 (10.00 am), Auditori.

The participating centres in the training proposal are IES Guillem Sagrera, IES Joan Maria Thomás, IES Josep Sureda i Blanes i IES Can Balo.

The content of these performances focusses on one aspect or other of the gender themes dealt with during the project. Each class group selected a specific theme in accordance with their interests and concerns, and as a result we find that subjects such as roles, stereotypes and prejudices have been dealt with.


From Es Baluard with the collaboration of the CEP of Palma Jaume Cañellas Mut continues the consolidation of the line of permanent training for teachers already initiated the last courses. The goal is to create a community of teachers who will base their long-term work in contemporary art.

The good results and reception by the teachers of the training proposal “Body and gender: transversal projects from contemporary art” started the course 2016-17, make this year a second edition of the training, expanded and partly transformed based on the results and experiences of the previous year. The seminar is aimed at active secondary school teachers, from any area or subject. The theme is gender, linking it with performance as an artistic language. Gender is a relevant and transversal theme. It’s especially necessary when we refer to adolescents. The course will connect the audience to the artistic language of performance, since the body itself is the main way of expression, and will open up other expressive possibilities within the contemporary artistic practices which often aren’t explored in the teaching activity.

This is a theoretical and practical seminar. A series of training sessions for teachers will be connected with work in the classroom. The purpose is to build concrete activities to be carried out later with the students with a public visibility.

This seminar will be conducted by the Es Baluard’s Area of Educational Development, Training and Public Programmes and will be attended by teachers from ESADIB (Dramatic Art School of the Balearics) and Meritxell Esquirol, cultural analyst, doctor in Human Sciences and Culture, Social and Institutional Communication with the thesis “Femininity, neoliberalism and popular culture: the depoliticization of feminism” and Lluki Portas graduated from ESADIB will develop sessions of corporal expression with the students in the schools.

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25th October 2017 → 6th June 2018

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