Book presentation: Discursos plebeyos by Marcelo Expósito

Punt de llibre

Day: January 24, 2020
Schedule: 7:00 pm.
Space: Hall
• Free activity

Es Baluard will continue in 2020 the Punt de llibre cycle, which began last December. Each month a presentation of publications related to contemporary art, thinking and critical reflection on cross-cutting themes will be organized.

In January we will have the presence of Marcelo Expósito who will present his book “Discursos plebeyos. La toma de la palabra y de las instituciones por la gente común” published by Icaria editorial. The text collects political interventions by Expósito itself between the beginning of 2016, when citizen electoral candidacies broke out in the Spanish Parliament, and mid-2018, when the Congress of Deputies expelled the Government of Mariano Rajoy. It is, therefore, a book about the leap of the new policy to democratic institutions. As Chantal Mouffe points out in the prologue, there are hardly any consistent records or reflections, despite the importance of this experience for the task of reinventing institutions in the global crisis of democracy.

In this written compilation of about twenty interventions by the author, issues such as social justice and inclusion are addressed; humanitarian crisis management; the instrumentalization of the Catalan political conflict; the right to vote of migrants; the role of culture in the crisis in Europe; the common good of memory or fear made a resurgence of fascism.

They present: Berta Sureda, cultural manager and Tomeu Sales, professor of Moral and Political Philosophy at the UIB.

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24th January 2020 → 24th January 2020