'Borders as Scars Forum'

Political, economic and religious divisions and border controls impose forced displacement, diasporas, exile and migration, directing millions of people towards refugee camps, both stable and improvised, where violence and the destruction of human rights are systematic practices. 
The "Borders as scars Forum' is a project by Metges del Món Illes Balears and Es Baluard which aims to establish a line of commitment and analysis of the different problems rooted in a place – the Mediterranean – where layers of history have generated both physical and ideological fractures and tensions. Through a series of actions, presentations and working meetings we want to create a platform to analyse migratory movements, cross-border settlements, internal displacements and cohabitation practice on a planet connected by technology. Involving both specialists, creators, chroniclers and intellectuals, along with public figures and agents of the social responsibility movements that have arisen from civil society, we believe it is possible to contribute to generating new perspectives and commitments towards uprooting, rejecting and conflict, opening up a perspective that converges in spaces of understanding.
In short, we propose new ways of understanding contexts with the aim of facing these realities with an attitude based on constructive, positive critical and cultural thinking.
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30th June 2015 → 1st July 2015