Caixes d'història de vida

“Caixes d’història de vida” (boxes of life stories) is a project developed by the Institut Mallorquí d’Afers Socials and is part of the European project Making Memories Matter, featuring an exhibit of boxes made by senior citizens that told their life in 2005. It is important the role the Fundació Pere Tarrés played as intermediary to transmit the proper content and methodology  to carry out this project in the Consell de Mallorca residencial services for senior citizens.

The Es Baluard’s “Caixes d’història de vida” exhibit features a selection of the itinerant show through the Consell de Mallorca residences for senior citizens: Felanitx, Sa Pobla, la Bonanova, la Llar d’Ancians de Palma and the Llar i Centre de Dia Reina Sofia. It is the first time this show is exhibited in a museum, among the “Gran Gent/Gent Gran” series of activities. Each box contains a representation of significant experiences and memories of its author, with objects and recreations of his/her life scenes. The “Caixes d’història de vida” aims to strengthen the identity and self-steem of senior citizens through the transmission of their knowledges, life and memories.

27th September 2011 → 2nd October 2011