Intergeneration party

Party open to everyone with a Whisky facile concert, Majorcan band that plays, with a high sense of humour, popular Italian songs of the 50s and 60s. Whisky facile recreates a festive ambient to make the people dance and have a good time. The aim is, with this concert at the Es Baluard’s Aljub, turn this location into a meeting place between generations through the music.

This closing party will match the presentation of the works made by the 7 participants at the workshop  “Transitant per l’experiència a través dels teus objectes”: 7 items with a great sentimental value for these people, all of them residents at the Centro Residencial SARquavitae Palma, which were took out of context becoming art works.

It will also be screened the audiovisual from the workshop “Diálogo transgeneracional en Recordar TV” delivered by Zemos98 in Es Baluard.                               

21st February 2013 → 21st February 2013