Collecting and Patronage

“Collecting and Patronage” is a stable programme run by Es Baluard designed to promote actions around collecting and different forms of sponsorship and patronage, as a meeting place open to the construction of the art ecosystem and heritage based on civil society. Every June – and this is the third year – different events are held related to this theme right at the beginning of the summer season in the Balearic Islands and close to the dates of Art Basel.
This year it is linked to the exhibition “The Agony and the Ecstasy. Latin American art in the collections of Mallorca; a review based on contemporaneity”, centred on presenting the works from the different collections on the island.
For this purpose, and with the aim of analysing, understanding and strengthening this relationship, on 30th June, in an open session, we shall be holding a talk with different specialists from this field.
Talk presented and moderated by Miguel von Hafe.
The participants will include: Carlos Urroz (director of Arco), Diego Costa (director of Arte al día and Pinta Miami), Jorge Mayet (artist), Lluís Fuster (artist and collector), José María Lafuente (collector), Tomeu Simonet (collector) and Nekane Aramburu (director of Es Baluard and curator of the exhibition).

30th June 2016 → 30th June 2016