Com una mica d’aigua al palmell de la mà and Las Muertes Chiquitas

Books presentation by Mireia Sallarès

  • Date: May 22, 2021
  • Time: 1:00 am
  • Location: Auditori
  • Free activity with prior registration and limited places

Mireia Sallarès presents two essays entitled Com una mica d’aigua al palmell de la mà and Las Muertes Chiquitas edited by Arcàdia. This literary meeting is part of the book presentation cycle #LetsReadTogether, which has the presence of its authors.

The publications deal with different issues in the field of thought and reflection on contemporary art. Once the presentation is over, the writers will sign copies of books. Attendance at the event requires prior registration due to antiCOVID-19 preventive restrictions, which will be done in strict order of arrival.

Presents: Aina Bauzà, General Director of Visual Arts of the Palma City Council. Moderator: Joana Masó, teacher and researcher.


Com una mica d’aigua al palmell de la mà. Una investigació sobre l’amor: you hear about love in many ways, and possibly there is not one that encompasses its full magnitude. In this book, Mireia Sallarès does an approximation exercise, an investigation on the concept to reveal the polyhedral reality and the subversive potential. We will find no theory. Love is in relationships with others, it is expressed in the fact of making a dictionary or setting up dining shifts; it has a geography and an ideology; it is essentially nomadic and acts as a primordial force. Love, truth and work have formed the backbone of the «Trilogia dels conceptes deixalla» to which Mireia Sallarès has dedicated the last few years, and this essay is only one possibility of unfolding it.

Las Muertes Chiquitas. Un ensayo documental sobre los orgasmos: With a camera and a neon sign, Mireia Sallarès undertook a long journey through Mexican territory to listen to the voices that could tell her the most about the experience of female orgasm; to bring the intimate experience to the public domain and make visible the complex framework that underlies all sexuality. Nothing in this book is alien to pleasure, power, pain, violence, death, political struggle and the ethical commitment of art to reality. The testimonies of the women expressed here, whose voices are heard amplified in the documentary Las Muertes Chiquitas, included in this book, are part of the “lived life” that Mireia Sallarès places at the center of her work as an act of resistance in the face of injustice. Because orgasms, like the earth, belong to those who work them. And the fight continues.

Mireia Sallarès

Barcelona, ​​1973. Artist and guest teacher at the ISDAT in Toulouse. He lives in transit between Barcelona and other cities where he develops projects that are the result of long life research on essential topics such as violence, pleasure, truth, love or work. His latest project Kao malovode na dlanu, receives the Ciutat de Barcelona Prize for Visual Arts 2019 and the ACCA 2019; of which the Arcàdia publishing house published the essay Com una mica d’aigua al palmell de la mà. Las Muertes Chiquitas, his work with the greatest international impact, has been reissued by the same publisher and was recently exhibited at the CCCB in Feminismes! exhibition. He has exhibited internationally and some of his pieces are part of the MACBA collection.

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22nd May 2021 → 22nd May 2021