Common Questions

Workshop for young people by Núria Marquès

As part of the exhibition “Tehran Spleen. Poetry in prose” by Núria Marquès, a group of students will undertake a workshop conducted by the artist where they will be invited to discuss her artwork as well as to participate in a drawing session. Throughout the workshop, some of the main issues addressed in Marquès project will be examined.

The thirty art works that students will be able to see at Es Baluard Museu constitute a journey diary of the residence that the artist made in Tehran in 2018, and will be the starting point to explore, visually and from a critical and postcolonial perspective, aspects linked to the experience of traveling to distant places, such as: otherness, orientalism, stereotypes, or our way of managing cultural, social, religious differences, etc., from the our own positionality and perspective as people from the European context.


19th March 2021 → 19th March 2021