Contemporary art, a catalyst for dialogue

Training aimed at professionals in social and educational action

Educating through art is a program from Apropa Cultura that teaches how to enrich, enhance and give a new dimension to the work as educators through the different artistic disciplines.

From Es Baluard Museu, and framed within the program Educating through art, we propose a session entitled Contemporary art, a catalyst for dialogue.

The training team from the Museum understands contemporary artistic practices as an interdisciplinary and transversal instrument that challenges and allows us to reflect on the world around us, express opinions and develop critical thinking. This is the objective of the training, in which, based on the Es Baluard Museu collection, channels of dialogue will be established on the themes that the works suggest to us and that will allow us to discover contemporary art as an instrument of inclusion and transformation that we will be able to use in our educational practice.

Practical information:

Date and time: April 30 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Limited capacity: minimum 10 and maximum 25 participants.

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Education Training
30th April 2022 → 30th April 2022