The project "Art Contemporary in the Hospital" aims to establish a network of research and work between cultural institutions and hospitals, to bring contemporary art to people who are hospitalized. In October 2010, a collaboration agreement was signed by Es Baluard and the Department of Mental Health of Gesma to develop more projects within the program "Contemporary Art in the Hospital".

These workshops have been made thanks to the support of the artistic projects and contemporary thinking of the Eurorregion Pirineos-Mediterráneo.

Participants: Pacients of the UME Lluerna of Gesma
Project: Isabel Castro   

This project reflects on the necessity of space, own place. Space as indetity, in this case the construction of the own identity as home and refuge. 

The participants reflects on the idea of space and housing, about what we need, what can we do and the way we integrate this into the surrounding. This workshop is for dreaming and to imagine, everyone becomes architect and constructor of ideas. Le'ts create an amazing and factible world, full of spaces-scultptures.

Press to see the Nàufrags exhibition

Participants: A and R, two pacients of the Pediatric Semicritics Unity of the Universitary Hospital of Son Dureta in Palma
Project: Virgínia Vallès
Collaborators: IneDITHOS (Intervenció i Investigació per a la Inclusió Educativa i Tecnològica dins l'àmbit Hospitalari) of the Faculty of Education of the UIB.

The two patients involved, R and A, made a self-portrait that was exhibited at the window of his room so this could be seen by everyone who was outside the hospital. In addition, the pacients wrote two explanatory texts on the self-portraits:

  • "A walk with a horse on the beach"

    I love the beach and the horses, but also the princesses (they're so beautiful…) This should be in my self-portrait because I like them and a self-portrait is to describe myself.

    I liked making my self-portrait because I had to think about what I like (and what I do not like). I met new people and I enjoyed it. Click here to see the portrait of A

    "Diving into the R's sea of women"

    Looking at portraits of other authors I chose those where I felt more identified in and, above all, it was the source to do mine.

    I had to start thinking about these things and people people next to me, that I like… think about myself.

    At the end, the part I liked best was to place the images on their site…

    In my self-portrait I can see myself, a little occulted by the things and people that are with me and that I like, especially women, hence the title! Click here for self-portrait of R.

1st October 2009 → 12th June 2011