Conversation with Lévana Schutz (artist of the European project THE SPUR)

The last March 14th the French creator Lévana Schutz presented the project she has developed on the island during the months of February and March 2018. Her residence takes place from “The Spur” project – led by the Bòlit. Centre d’Art Contemporani. Girona, and in which participates, apart from Es Baluard, the Centre d’Art Li LAIT – Laboratoire Artistique International du Tarn (Albí, França), Bureau des Arts et des Territoires (Montpeller, França), Sputnik Oz (Bratislava, Eslovàquia), Fondazione per l’Art (Roma, Itàlia) and the Euroregió Pirineus-Mediterrània.

This European project of which we are part has a duration of two years (2016-2018) and its purpose is to create a cooperation network focused on the field of visual arts. Its two main objectives are: the development of innovative projects for the reinforcement of professional skills and the mobility of creators and the implementation of transnational co-management processes between different organizations. The residence of Lévana Schutz in Es Baluard is possible thanks to the collaboration with Addaya Centre d’Art Contemporani (Alaró). In this call, Tomeu Simonet has been selected as a mentor to the resident artist.

The test of the project carried out in the Observatori will allow to know the work of the artist during her residence; a work that deals with the relationship of the individual with the everyday life, in a context of travel within the meanders of the common place. A fiction is created from the contrast between the landscape and the intimate space. Her work tells us of the growing anxiety that surrounds the human being before the constant changes of our day to day.

14th March 2018 → 14th March 2018