Converses: 'Is it possible to build a generation?'

Participants: Bartomeu Sastre, Javier Siquier, Tomás Pizá, Mariaema Soler, Jaume Orejuela, Albert Pinya, Julià Panadès, Teresa Matas, Pedro Vidal, Joan Soler, Jordi Pallarès, Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta and Pau Waelder.
Tabula Rasa brings together the work of a young generation of artists born in the Balearic Islands. But can we really speak of a generation? Do artists feel that they are part of a particular generation? In this second meeting, several participating artists will present their perspectives on the historical era in which they live, the generation to which they belong, as well as what unites them and differentiates them from other creators who are also included in the "younger generation".

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3rd September 2014 → 3rd September 2014