Critical photography for (re) discovering the world

Communication, Education and Citizenship Forum of the Balearic Islands

  • Day: February 27, 2019
  • Time: 5:00 p.m.-7 p.m.
  • Place: Auditorium
  • Free activity

Es Baluard is hosting another year, the Communication, Education and Citizenship Forum of the Balearic Islands, which is being promoted by one of the associates of the museum, Engineers Without Borders (ESF).
This year, apart from publicizing a fund that can help educate the students’ eyes, it has been programmed to open the professional horizons of the students. The programming activities focus their intent on relating communication and transformative cooperation (human rights, migratory movements, refugees, etc.).

In the round table “Critical photography for (re) discover the world” we will have the opportunity to count on the presence of two photographers who share sensitivity about the conditions and situations that suffer women from around the world. Both are at the forefront of professional projects that work to build an alternative informational fund in the mainstream media.

Patricia Bobillo Rodríguez (Barcelona, ​​1977) is part of “Date Cuenta”, a training and photo-journalistic and audiovisual creation school closely linked to the most critical civil movements.

He is a freelance and nursing assistant photographer, who is openly feminist, inclusive, and is in favor of the approach of “the more we are, the better.” His work looks for the construction of visual language, within the framework of social justice and gender equality, where life stories are silenced. Histories that are not normally included in the media but are a cause for concern for people committed to Human Rights and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

He has collaborated with several international cooperation NGOs and is the author of photographic projects with a gender perspective such as “Palestinian women under Israeli occupation,” “Being a woman in Ngandanjika, DRCongo,” “Parir a casa”, “Maternitat, In Tshiluba ‘NzubuWa Balele’ (1st prize in DATECUENTA of 2017 Photojournalism) or “Caring for us, among others. He has published in various state media and his work has been exhibited in multiple rooms throughout the Catalan and Spanish territories.

Anna Surinyac (Barcelona, ​​1986) is part of the 5W virtual magazine, which focuses its efforts on disseminating and denouncing international realities that the most mediatised public opinion does not pay attention to.
He has been a photographer for Doctors Without Borders for more than eight years portraying the difficult journey of hundreds of people along some of the most dangerous migratory routes in the world. He is currently a freelance photojournalist as well as a graphic publisher of the 5W magazine, which he is also founding with eight other people.
One of his latest works was a project with Doctors Without Borders entitled “Keep alive”, showing Syrian population movements in four stages: waiting, risk, route and border.
“Although there are exceptions, many of the media in our country do not use photography to inform, but to fill spaces on paper and to accompany the text on the web. The photograph must be something that adds to the text, which Tell stories by itself, you should never use them just to fill voids “.

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