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Architecture course for non-architects:
From classicism to modernity. A journey from the full to the empty

• Days: from April 16 to May 28
• Opening hours: 17.00h-18.30h
• Space: Auditorium
• Paid activity (€25) with prior registration
Free with Tarifa 20 and for Members of Baluard

In the sixth century a. of C., the Chinese philosopher Lao Tsé said that the reality of a building does not consist of four walls and a roof, but in the space where it is inhabited; just as what gives value to a clay cup is the empty space that is generated between the walls. Architecture, therefore, goes beyond constructive questions: it is an emotional phenomenon that, at the same time, must serve to accompany our vital and everyday needs.

In this course, taught by Cristina Llorente, we will learn about different representations that, throughout history, have responded to human needs and how the knowledge of techniques and materials, linked to social and artistic movements, have influenced the forms of architecture From the classical era to the contemporary, we will analyze several buildings that have marked our history and learn to read the language that shapes them with theoretical and practical examples, to learn about different architectural representations and learn to read and value them both from the formal and from the emotional level.

There will be interactive sessions in the classroom, which will combine theoretical content and practical activities. These sessions will be complemented by two guided tours of Palma on foot.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Baluard Museu, we want to imagine the future and raise the reflection on architecture and the space for art, which occupies part of the course program. Members of Es Baluard will have free registration, as well as young people who turn 20 this year, with the Tarifa 20. Places are limited and will be assigned in order of registration.


April 16 From classicism to modernity
• The foundations of classical architecture: order, proportion and symmetry
• The technological advances and the social and artistic movements of the s. 20th The vanguards

April 23 Modern architecture
• The “breaking the box” and the five points of the new architecture
• The imprint of modern architecture in Mallorca

April 30 Nature and architecture
• The forms of the natural world and their application to architecture. From the connection between science and nature to the domination of nature through technology
• The organic design
• Organic architecture in Mallorca.

May 7 Guided tour in Palma
Meeting point: Palau de Congressos

14 May The architectural space I
• Characteristics of space: light, symbolism and visual perception
• Architecture as a sensory experience
• Architectural space applied to museums

21 May The architectural space II
• Generation of architectural space. Full and empty

May 28 Guided tour in Palma
Meeting point: La Misericordia

Cristina Llorente is an architect with a degree in civil rights, public policies and urban inequalities. Since 2009, she has been co-director of Arquitectives, a collective specialized in environmental education and participatory urban design with a feminist perspective. Since 2012, she has been a delegate of the Architecture & Children working group, led by the International Union of Architects, through which she has given lectures on education and citizen participation at national and international level.

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16th April 2024 → 28th May 2024